Artificial turf as a whole is highly resilient. It can withstand a drought just as effectively as it can withstand a hailstorm. Because of this, it’s highly recommended for anyone residing in the San Diego area.

Specialty Turf Designed For a Wide Range of Activities

Would you like to have your very own putting green installed outside your backdoor? Are you interested in providing your children with a safer play area? Finally, are you tired of the puddles, dirt patches, and holes accumulating in your athletic field, lawn, or commercial property?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you’re a prime candidate for the specialty turf that we have to offer. At Water Free Turf, we’re more than excited to install any one of the following types of turf at your home or on a commercial property:

  • Playground Turf: Keep your child safe and prevent injuries around your playground by installing our premium playground turf. Your child’s play area should be kept free from harsh chemicals and irritants, bugs, and puddles – all of which can be avoided by replacing all of your playground’s grass with artificial turf.
  • Athletic Turf: Our athletic turf is well known for its resiliency and toughness. It will successfully withstand potholes and scuffmarks brought upon by cleats, and will ultimately allow players to experience more traction and less scrapes and bruises when they fall. We install for football, baseball, and soccer fields (as well as putting greens).
  • Putting Green Turf: Our putting green turf will look and feel just like a real putting green. Save yourself the drive to the golf course and instead work on your game from the comfort of your own backyard. Thanks to our specialized built-in drainage system in each piece of artificial turf, your golfing green will never develop puddles. And since it’s artificial grass, it won’t need to be watered or trimmed – ever.
  • Landscape Turf: This is designed for all of those homeowners who want to spend less time maintaining their yard. Chances are that you’re tired of cutting, trimming, watering, fertilizing, and raking your yard. Hire us and make all of these tedious chores a thing of the past.
  • Pet Grass: Our pet grass installation services are designed to put a smile on both you and your pet’s faces. Domesticated animals love the texture and look of our synthetic pet grass. Not to mention, it efficiently eliminates animal waste without leaving behind any stains or discoloring (droppings can be hosed down in a matter of seconds).

With Water Free Turf, we do things right the first time around. Don’t hire an inexperienced company who’s going to waste your time while charging you an arm and a leg. We’re affordable, fast, friendly, and we’re here to make your property more beautiful and bountiful.