Playground grass can definitely become wore down within a relatively short period of time. A lot of this damage can be attributed to the environment (rain, excessive sunlight, etc.), while the rest can be linked to children or pets.

In short, playground grass doesn’t stand a chance, but Water Free Turf can be your solution. They can provide any playground with durable, affordable, and long-lasting artificial turf that will be sure to thrive in even the busiest of playground environments. Not to mention, they’re professional and know what they’re doing.

Maximize Fun While Lessening Playground Injuries

Children are going to be children. They’re going to run, play, and wander off into areas where they shouldn’t go. And while they’re doing this, chances are that they’re going to fall. But you can minimize the effects of their fall, and prevent an injury, by having artificial turf installed at your playground.

Regular grass can easily scrape skin, but also carries one more dangerous drawback: scraping your skin on regular grass can quickly lead to an infection. Due to the minute amount of germs scattered throughout playground turf (compared to regular grass), the chances are lessened that your child will sustain an infection while playing. In fact, the chances are lessened that they’ll scrape their skin in the first place since artificial turf isn’t as “rough” as regular grass.

Is it Safe For Children?

We would never install playground turf that is potentially harmful to your children, yourself, or the environment. Our turf is 100% free from toxins, and can be installed in no time at all. You won’t need to worry about your children slipping and falling on days that it has rained either. This is because our turf comes with a built-in drainage mechanism that discourages the buildup of puddles around playgrounds.

Suitable For Any Sized Playground!

No matter how much space your playground takes up, we can help. We’ll install your playground turf quickly (in a minimally invasive manner), as well as ensure that it’s done right. Our installers are highly experienced, and consistently seek nothing but perfection when working on their projects.

Remember that playground turf won’t need any additional maintenance upon installation. This means that the days of watering, fertilizing, or trimming playground grass are over. With artificial grass, you’ll liberate your time in ways that you never thought were possible with regular grass. It’s one of the many benefits associated with doing business with Water Free Turf.

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