Domesticated animals can be a mess, especially when they’re free to roam your yard. Dogs especially are well known for digging and scratching away at healthy grass. And this eventually causes your yard to develop patches of dead grass scattered throughout, what otherwise, would have been a beautiful yard.

This is only one of many problems that homeowners face regarding their pets and yards. The good news is that Water Free Turf wants to step in and help. Their dedicated and professional team of installers can install pet grass that won’t get broken down by digging or scratching, and that will maintain its crisp look and feel for many years.

Your Household Pet Will Adore Our Synthetic Pet Grass

Household pets of all kinds are going to fall in love with the color and texture associated with our premium synthetic pet grass. As a matter of fact, your pet probably won’t be able to tell that a new lawn has been installed. Our specialized pet grass is designed to discourage the buildup of pet urine as well.

This is attributed to an intricate drainage system that comes installed in every piece of artificial turf. Overall, this eliminates any worry that you might have about pet urine “accumulating” around your yard. Speaking of pet waste, there will also be little need to worry about pet droppings too.

In fact, simply clean them as though you’re cleaning them from regular grass, either by hosing them down or picking them up with a plastic bag. Also, our pet grass won’t get stained or discolored by pet droppings, which is simply one more reason to make the transition to synthetic grass as soon as possible.

Artificial Turf That Can Withstand Constant Abuse From Household Pets

Household pets don’t have a “second gear”. They go full throttle all the time, and this can wreak havoc on a yard over time. The primary benefit associated with artificial turf is that it can withstand frequent hours of pet abuse, ranging from running, digging, scratching, or chewing healthy grass. Due to its toughness and durability, your pet grass will probably outlive the very pet that you’ve purchased it for! This just goes to demonstrate how far your investment will take you.

Make The Switch Today!

Give your pet a gift that they’re really going to love. Call Water Free Turf to learn more about our installation process, as well as work out the details for your own project. We promise that this is a move that both you and your pet are going to love!

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