Like many residential homeowners, you probably spend far too much time maintaining your grass. Water Free Turf wants to cut down on the amount of time that you’re forced to give up each week working on your lawn – and we want to cut it down to exactly zero.

That’s right – artificial turf requires no maintenance over the long run. If maintenance is required, it will be minimal. Overall, with artificial grass, you’ll spend less time, money, and energy keeping your yard looking clean, and more time doing things that you love.

What Are The Advantages of Landscape Turf?

Many homeowners switch to artificial turf because they want their children and pets to play on something that is free from harmful chemicals, bugs, and potholes. Regular grass has a tendency of developing dirt patches from frequent sun exposure, and this eventually leads to mud on rainier days. Artificial turf won’t have this problem. It doesn’t need water in order to thrive, and it won’t develop uneven areas due to constant exposure to the elements.

Landscape Turf Looks and Feels Like Regular Grass

Some homeowners may be reluctant to switch to synthetic grass because they feel that what they’re gaining in convenience they’re losing in visual appeal. But you’ll be happy to hear that landscape turf looks exactly like regular grass. In fact, it looks even better than regular grass, and will maintain its fresh and look for many years. By installing landscape turf around your residential property, you’ll also end up increasing the value of your home!

Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Regular Grass

Another prominent reason to consider making the switch to landscape turf is that it’s safe for the environment. Since it doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals to stay alive, you aren’t going to damage surrounding greenery or plant life. It’s equally as safe for family members and pets, and should provide you with even more peace of mind if you have a small child who loves spending time outdoors.

NOW is the Time to Make the Switch!

By comparison, consider the fact that regular grass requires water, fertilizers, trimming, mowing, and many other maintenance procedures to stay healthy. What a waste of time and money! Avoid the messiness and keep more money in your pocket. Come experience a better looking yard by working with a landscape turf installation company who knows what they are doing. There’s no better time than now to make a switch that is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

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