As a customer, you deserve to know all of the steps involved in our synthetic grass installation process. The following sections should provide you with a greater amount of confidence in our installers. It should also help answer many of the questions that you may have had regarding how we go about installing our artificial turf.

A Simple Three-Step Process That Works

We use a simple, straightforward three-step process for installing our synthetic grass. This includes:

  • Preparation (the removal of already-present grass).
  • Leveling (the insertion of specialized “base” material).
  • Finishing (the nailing down of the turf itself).

Let’s look at each phase a bit more closely to see how they tie together in the installation process.

Step #1: Preparation

The preparation step is the step we use to develop the foundation for where we’ll be laying down your turf. More specifically, our installers are going to carefully remove about four inches of grass from the area where the turf is going to be installed later. Our installers will even go out of their way to dig up harder-to-remove elements like rocks or concrete.

Step #2: Leveling

This is the step in which we’re going to install our specialized “base” material. This material will include either Class II Road Base or Decomposed Granite. We’ll decide which one will best suit your project once we arrive to this step. These materials are essentially going to serve as the base where we are going to start laying down our turf.

Step #3: Finishing

Once we’ve placed all turf in its pre-designated location, we’ll follow through by nailing it all down and trimming it. Our installers follow a very rigorous and precise finishing process, ensuring that your final product remains tough and durable for years to come.

All three steps will take us between two and three days, depending on the size of the property we’re working on. We like to work fast, but carefully, and we’ll always do our best to avoid interfering with your daily schedule.

Call Water Free Turf Today!

We believe that being as minimally as invasive as possible is the key to being an artificial turf installation company that anyone can count on. Our installers will be more than happy to help you with any other questions that you might have once the project begins. It’s just one more way that we want to provide you with some peace of mind as we transform your residential or commercial property into something spectacular.